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Welcome to Easy Does It‘s car buying guide.

More car buying tips than you can shake a stick at!

Did you know that the average car buyer often spends  $1500-2000 more than they need to buying a new car?

Unless you take advantage of the wealth of car buying tips in this free car buyers guide you will likely join them in overpaying for your next car!

Wouldn’t you rather keep that money in your pocket than hand it over to the car dealer?   I’m sure there are a few things you would rather spend that kind of money on than giving it away when you don’t need to.

Be an informed buyer and don’t get taken for a ride while you’re buying your new ride

Following our step-by-step process in this car buying guide will help you:

  • Determine what car or truck you really need
  • Calculate the best deal available in your area for the vehicle of your choice
  • Check your credit and arrange financing so that you’re not at the dealers mercy, even if you choose to get a loan from them in the end.
  • Negotiate a killer deal
  • Avoid spending uneccessary money on overpriced add-ons
  • Take delivery and drive off in your new car feeling happy with your car and confident you got a great deal.

Remember to relax and take your time in this process.  The only one who’s really in a hurry is the dealer, who wants to sell you the car TODAY.  Don’t buy on his time-line, buy on yours and you’ll have a much better chance of knowing you got the best deal possible. With that said:

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Tip of the week:

Watch out for the ripoff sticker

Every new car you see in your car shopping should have a “Monroney” sticker on it.  That’s the official sticker from the factory that lists all the options on the car, the MSRP, and EPA gas mileage estimate.  However, you may find that some cars you look at have another sticker next to the official one referred to as an addendum or supplemental sticker by the dealer but to you it’s really a ‘ripoff’ sticker.

This additional sticker lists dealer add-ons and sometimes ADM (additional dealer markup, just an attempt to make some pure profit off unsuspecting customers).  These additions on the ripoff sticker are a significant source of additional income for the dealership.  These options are sold at a huge markup and are never worth anywhere near what they are priced at on the ripoff sticker.  You should never pay the ADM but dealing with the other add-ons may be more complicated.

The most common add-ons you’ll see are things like a ‘protection system’ for the interior, pin-striping, overpriced ‘paint sealants,’ expensive alloy or chrome wheels, trunk liners or other ‘upgraded’ floor mats.  All of these can be acquired at much lower costs aftermarket or are totally unnecessary.

After all, the car already comes with a clear coat sealant to protect the paint.  If you really want to have some additional peace of mind, the equivalent of the sealants or interior treatments can be done by a detail shop at a greatly reduced cost.

Some of the addons can be removed.  The original wheels can be put back on in place of the expensive ‘upgraded’ ones.  Trunk mats, wheel locks splash guards and anything else that’s easily removable can simply be taken off the vehicle.  However, some of the things on the sticker cannot be removed and will end up complicating your negotations.

Remember that the real cost of the ripoff sticker items is much less than what you’re being asked to pay for them.  If you are determined to buy this particular car, try to see if they dealer will throw them in for free if they’re not removable or at least discount them significantly.

If you are unable to get them to come down to a reasonable price on the additions, don’t forget that you can always go to a different dealer or ask this one to get you a car that doesn’t have their overpriced junk tacked on to it.  Whatever you do, avoid being one of the suckers that pay full price for ripoff sticker items and wonders later what they got for all that additional cost.