Closing The Deal and Taking Delivery

Great work so far! You’ve negotiated your best deal via email or in person and now you just need to close the deal!!

But. . .it’s *not* time to relax!

Just because you agreed on a price doesn’t mean everything’s all settled, its easy to lose money getting everything signed in the Finance office.

In closing the deal you need to be sure of the following:

  • You are buying the car you negotiated on, with the options and any accessories you negotiated for included
  • You don’t waste money buying add-ons like undercoating, overpriced extended warranties or maintenance contract
  • Everything in the contract you’re signing matches what you’ve agreed on, make sure the interest rate matches what you expected, any down payment you have is listed etc.
  • You take the car for a last test drive to make sure everything works, especially if it was traded for from another dealership
  • Inspect the car for any sort of cosmetic damage, scratches, small dents etc, and insist anything you find is resolved or noted on a “Due Bill” (or work order, whichever your dealership uses)
  • Ensure any accessories or aftermarket items you paid for are installed and set up correctly and if not you have a “Due Bill/Work order” to have that done

Only if you’re satisfied with everything should you sign and take delivery. While the law does vary some from state to state, most places you buy a car there will be no cooling off period once you sign the paperwork and drive the car off the lot. That means you cannot bring the car back once you’ve taken delivery. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re getting into before you take delivery.

There are many sad stories out there about people who discovered things they couldn’t stand or which simply weren’t practical for them about their new vehicle after they bought it and had no options other than living with the problems or taking a substantial financial loss trading it in nearly new.