7 things never to say

1. “I love this car.”

Salesmen start counting their commission as soon as you say this. They know you’re vulnerable to making an emotional decision to buy the car and will go in for the kill.

2. “This is how much I can afford per month”

As soon as you start talking payments you’re playing into the dealers game of selling you on a payment rather than the total price of the car. This is one of the most effective tools they use to make more profit in selling you the car.

3. “My old car is about to die”

This is like blood in the water to a shark. If they know you’re desperate they’re going to be less willing to negotiate and maximize the hard sell.

4. “Do you have extended warranties?”

Every dealership sells extended warranties that’s one of the things they make the most profit on. There’s no need to bring it up until you’re in the finance office (when they’ll bring it up for you) and even then you need to know that the extended warranty price is negotiable, just like the cost of the car.

5. “This is how much I can spend”

Think of buying a car a little like a poker game. You don’t want to show your hand before its over. Saying your target price at the beginning is like laying your cards on the table right from the start. Basically doing this is telling the dealer “you can have all this money, even if I could have gotten the car for less.”

6. “What do you think honey?”

If you’re buying the car as a couple and seem indecisive the dealer will take advantage of the situation and try and play the two of you against each other. Discuss what you thought of the car away from the dealership

7. “I think my credit’s ok”

Saying this lets the dealer know he can mark up your financing and make some extra cash. You should have your credit scores at this point and know how good your credit is.