Improve your credit score

Despite what they will tell you, the ‘Credit Doctors’ can’t do anything for you that you cant already do for yourself.

Here are 5 tips on improving your credit scrore

  1. Get your Triple Advantage – Free Credit Score so you know where you stand to start with
  2. Dispute anything that doesn’t look correct, its up to your creditors to prove what you owe, and from when and they often aren’t totally accurate.
  3. Make sure your debt on your credit cards is below %30 of the limit, if its not, pay them down. High credit card debt hurts your score far more than car loans, student loans or other kinds of debt
  4. Pay your bills on time (Do it!! Each time you get another 30 day late it drops your score more
  5. If you are in over your head, consider speaking with Consumer Credit Counseling in your area (not to be confused with for-profit consolidation loan services which you should avoid at all costs)